Homa Therapy the Ancient Science of Healing


Homa Therapy – The ancient science of healing. In short chapters the book describes all important aspects of healing with Homa techniques. Homa Therapy is just as helpful in agriculture.
You can see the selection of chapters here.
1. Air, our most important food
2. Homa Therapy, the simple and effective help
3. Agnihotra for your health
4. Agnihotra Applications
5. Agnihotra ash preparations
6. Health problems and Homa Therapy applications
7. Homa Therapy and drug addiction
8. Health from the kitchen and garden with Homa Therapy
9. Even more Homa Therapy for your well-being
10. Homa Therapy at the doctor’s and in the clinic
11. Homa Therapy: Stress Management, Health and
environmental protection in the workplace
12. Homa Therapy in kindergarten and school
13. Homa Therapy and Sport
14. Homa Therapy and Music
15. Further possibilities with Homa Therapy
16. Additional options for your well-being
17. Homa farming for stable health
18. Contacts and sources of supply



Since 1974 I have been dealing with Homa Therapy, Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash and over the many years of application and experience I have developed a simple application system, how everyone can use their own Agnihotra fire for healing according to this ancient knowledge and everyone from their own Agnihotra Ash can make folk medicine for yourself