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Heal the Environment

All life is hanging by a thread due to the extreme pollution in the world today. Homa Therapy heals the environment holistically – soils are rejuvenated, atmosphere and water sources purified, harmful radiation neutralized. Its application in Homa Organic Farming produces super nutritious and healthy crops in harmony with nature.

Homa Organic Gardening

Hundreds of gardeners around the world are benefiting from the science of Agnihotra. Performing the fire daily in or near the garden attracts nutrients and micro-organisms to the soil, improves moisture retention and increases the plants’ metabolism. Nature returns to balance, diseases and plagues decrease and gardens become lush with renewed vigour and vitality. Wildlife, birds and beneficial insects are drawn to this healing atmosphere.

Homa Organic Farming

In Homa organic farming we implement the full spectrum of bio-energetic and resonance techniques to achieve spectacular results over large areas of agricultural land. Nature returns to balance and a unique microclimate is created for optimal production in harmony with the environment. Homa Farming produces super-organic food of highest nutrition and purity.


Why am I here? What is my purpose in this life? Our lives are gifts, which can be used to fulfill a higher calling. Regardless of what one’s life path is, asking these questions, seeking to grow as an individual and transcending our own limitations is what self-development is all about. True transformation only comes through a change of consciousness. The more we realize the need for spiritual awareness, the greater the pendulum will swing towards a new dawn, a better world that Mother Earth is crying out for.