How to get here?

If you are traveling by train, bus or airplane, please arrive in Krakow. This is the closest city to our centre.

By Bus:

From Krakow there are two private bus companies going to Jordanow – Euro bus and AB Bus. Private buses run from Galeria Krakowska, where the Central Train Station is located.

 Find the bus schedule here

By Car:

Head towards Jordanow, approximately 70 km south of Krakow. When you reach Jordanow, drive straight through the main intersection of the town, down past the church. Church will be on the right. Continue on that road. Go over the train tracks and veer right in the direction of Toporzysko. You will pass a small convenience store on the right. Look for a very small Mother Mary chapel on the left side of the road. Turn left here. There is a circular mirror next to the chapel which you should check for oncoming cars before turning left up our road.

Follow slowly up the asphalt road all the way up to the beginning of the forest where there is a fork in the road. Turn sharp right up the steep hill. Continue on the asphalt road. Turn left at the next fork in the road. At the end of the asphalt road, turn left into the parking area. This is our property. You will see our orchard from the top of the road and a sign saying STREFA WOLNA OD GMO (NON GMO sign). Park and walk down to the old log cabin.

*If you get lost, ask where is Wysoka Nad Las (our area) or where the Americans live!