Healing Environment



The world is on the threshold of extreme destruction. Acid rain, ozone holes, radioactivity in soil and air, chemical and nuclear waste dumps, large areas in drought and famine, several others under floods, no really potable water to drink, new diseases in plants, animals and humans, old diseases in new forms, spoilage of soil, water and air due to agrochemicals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, threat of nuclear accidents in space and also in oceangoing vehicles, animal species disappearing, forest cover of planet getting destroyed, extreme changes in temperature due to climate change, melting of icebergs threatening the future of world coastal areas. All this is a sad picture.

All these days scientists used to say, “I will certainly find some solution.” Now the scientists say, “There is no solution.” However, we do know there is a solution if we take to scientific way of leading our life in harmony with rhythms of nature.’ 
Vasant Paranjpe, Pioneer of Homa Therapy

An Ancient Solution to Modern Pollution:

The environmental problems in the world today seem so immense that it is easy to feel hopeless. That is even without the full information being reported in mainstream media. Being more ecologically minded and leading an aware lifestyle is certainly a step in the right direction. However, it is plainly clear that some form of miracle science is needed to save the planet.

In ancient times the balance of nature and the well-being of its inhabitants were maintained by communities practicing Vedic healing fires. Remnants of these fires are found in historical records of the Celts, Inca and Native American cultures, to name only a few. Some surviving indigenous cultures still practice fire ceremonies today, although much of its science is lost.

The ancient science of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy has been resuscitated to provide the solution to the problems of the modern age. Anyone can perform Agnihotra in one’s own home and make a meaningful contribution to the healing of the environment. To achieve more profound healing effects we can use the full application of Homa Therapy to:

  • Grow nutritious disease free crops using Homa Organic Farming techniques
  • Purify water sources such as rivers, lakes, springs, wells and even seas.
  • Reverse disease in plants and forests
  • Heal the ozone layer
  • Neutralize radioactivity and its harmful effects
  • Rejuvenate contaminated land
  • Return nature to balance

Real Nutrition:

“You are what you eat” and “food is medicine” are sayings that have never been more true. Lifeless soils due to commercial farming methods are producing crops with low nutrient levels and traces of toxic agrochemicals. Modern foods do not provide us with the same nourishment they once did. Sickness and disease are rife with the latest figures showing one in three people will have a cancer in one’s lifetime.

With Homa Organic farming we can heal the environment and also grow super nutritious crops. Food once again becomes medicine, boosting the immune system and improving physical, mental and emotional health.

Just by performing Agnihotra at home or the workplace one is rewarded in so many positive ways in terms of health and happiness. In addition, whereas man is used to taking from the earth, with Agnihotra we give something vital back. By applying Homa Therapy we can return to being stewards of the planet.

Homa Therapy volunteers around the world are willing to help set up environmental projects together with scientific documentation. We welcome contact from farmers, environmentalists, ecologists, scientists and universities etc. who are interested in applying and studying Homa Therapy applications.