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Tucked deep in the foothills of the Tatra Mountains, in southern Poland, you find Bhrugu Aranya Ecovillage, a centre for healing and refuge in these tumultuous times. Established in 1995, with the focus of creating a self-sufficient Homa farm and functional community, Bhrugu Aranya has come a long way over the years. We have taken the next step to our development and are building a healing Centre of Light.

The Centre of Light will provide a safe haven, as well as a venue for healers, artists and Light workers to share their gifts for humanity. Here we will offer much needed service, healing, and education to a growing number of awakening people from around the world.

On May 17, 2015 we began construction of a twin-octagon eco-building, the Centre of Light. This large healing Centre will be capable of housing 36 guests. It will include a vegetarian restaurant, a creative arts studio, a large workshop space, and therapy rooms. 

The Centre is being built with innovative ecological materials like wood, straw and clay. Building with natural clay, woodchips and straw creates a living, breathing building with a healing atmosphere our guests can enjoy!

Ever since we officially broke ground in the spring of 2015, it has been a joy to take part in and witness Centre of Light taking shape. It has been a truly international miracle. Let us take you on a journey of how it all has happened.