Our vision is for a global Ecovillage, people from varying cultures, races and religions all working together to save our beloved Mother Earth. We envision our Ecovillage manifesting into a powerful place where healing, organic farming, sustainable lifestyle and creative expression through arts and music will find their home.  Now more then ever, there is a need to return to ways of existing in harmony with nature and our fellow living beings.

The current systems of our world are unsustainable and reaching a breaking point, both ecologically, but also on a deep spiritual level. Our focus is building a community based on providing practical solutions and knowledge which can be applied directly to our personal lives. We are all in this together and it is through unity which our greatest power lies.
In the ancient Vedic times, humans lived in harmony with nature, supporting her in every way they could, for all the bountiful gifts she gave. They did this by performing daily Yagnyas. They considered it their duty as stewards, guardians, and children of this planet to perform this daily activity as they were the only living species that could perform fire rituals.Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya Community is bringing these ancient practices back into the modern day world to reset the disturbed energy cycle of the planet and help nature come back into a state of harmony. We have been performing these fires since 1995 on this sacred ground overlooking the Tatra mountains. The effects are miraculous. The water, air, and soil are completely nourished and rejuvenated.

We see this place as a sanctuary for all living things, an arc of fire where all who come here, from animals to humans, feel that they have arrived Home, safe, whole, energized, and nourished.