Beloved Mother,

I am grateful for your constancy and resilience over all these years, providing human beings and animals sustenance and beauty, resonance, the lessons of the changing of seasons, the lessons of abundance and gratitude, of kindness and compassion. 

We are aware of our beloved Mother Earth needing our help, to maintain Her magnificence, her environment, her gracious presence on our planet. 

Please help us to be mindful and respectful of her needs. Not only calling for legislation and attention to climate change, anti-pollution standards, but supporting peace through any means we know. 

We pray for our beloved Mother Earth today as all days. Every day is Earth Day. With every healing fire of Agnihotra we perform, we honour our earth. Just as she is always listening, we too are listening to her. 

Every blade of grass is sacred, every magnificent mountain range, every tree, every meadow, every leaf, every vast ocean, river and stream, every cloud in the sky, every ray of sun, every moon, our plant and animal kingdom and the Devas who guard them. 

We are grateful.

We are ever humbled by the unconditional love our Mother Earth gives freely.


Love, Parvati