Discover how to perform Agnihotra on your own! This ancient pyramid science can revolutionize your life. In a short time you can learn the simple yet exact method of how to prepare and perform Agnihotra. With practice, in a few days you will be experiencing the beneficial effects of the healing fires in your own home, garden or balcony.

This page will instruct you in how to perform Agnihotra and prepare the necessary materials yourself. To purchase Agnihotra supplies click here

Agnihotra Materials:
1.) Copper Pyramid:

For Agnihotra, a copper pyramid of prescribed size is required. The specific geometry of the stepped pyramid acts a generator for the resonance created at the exact time of Agnihotra. Pyramids have been tested in the laboratory by modern science and have been shown to produce powerful healing effects including decrease in radioactivity, production of negative ions and improved immune systems of living organisms.
2.) Dried Cow Dung:
This is the main fuel source for the Agnihotra fire. Cow dung is a highly medicinal substance. In all ancient cultures, like the native Indians of North and South America, Scandinavians, Asians and Africans, cow dung applications are used for a variety of ailments. Cow dung has also been shown to act as a neutralizer of radioactivity and have antimicrobial properties. Of course, it is best of the cow dung is collected from cows raised on an organic farm which eat pure grass, hay and grains- not from factory farmed cattle. You can buy dried organic cow dung cakes
3.) Brown Rice:
Uncooked, unbroken pieces of rice preferably, organic whole brown rice, should be used for Agnihotra. If the rice is broken the chemical analysis of both pieces may be the same but the subtle energy structure is broken and hence, it should not be used for Agnihotra healing fire, states the ancient science of bioenergy. The rice grains will be used as the offering to the fire during the exact time of Agnihotra.
4.) Ghee (Clarified Butter):
Place pure, unsalted, unadulterated butter from cow’s milk in a saucepan and bring it to a slow boil over low heat. Remove and discard the white substance that rises to the top. Strain the liquid through a fine strainer. What passes through is ghee. Store the ghee in a container. It does not have to be refrigerated. Please note ghee must be only 100% pure cow’s ghee and not from any other species of animal. Once again, ghee has also been shown to have incredible medicinal properties and has been used for thousands of years in the science of Ayurveda in numerous medicinal preparations.
5.) Agnihotra Timetable:
Agnihotra is practised at exactly sunrise and sunset every day. Only at these two timings is it possible to catch the flood of life-sustaining energies emanating from the sun and use them for the benefit of all living things. If you miss the exact timing it is not Agnihotra and the powerful healing effect will be missing. You can calculate your own Agnihotra sunrise/ sunset timings by
visiting this site and  inputing your exact location.
There is also an app made for the iphone and android phones called iAgnihotra which can be used to calculate exact timings for Agnihotra.
iAgnihotra App for iphone and ipad
iAgnihotra App for Android devices

Set up the Fire:

– Place one small piece of cow dung on the bottom of the pyramid.

– Break three pieces of cow dung and arrange in a triangular fashion as shown in the picture.

– Break a narrow, longer piece of cow dung which you will use to light the fire

Apply Ghee & Prepare to Light:

– Spread ghee onto the inside of the pieces of cow dung in the pyramid.

– Take your lighter piece and cover both sides with a thin layer of ghee.

Prepare Rice Offering:

– Take about a teaspoon of rice grains and place them in your offering dish.

– Remove any broken grains from the dish.

– Separate your rice into two portions and cover in a thin layer of ghee.

Light the Fire: 

– Light your pointed lighter piece about 3 to 4 minutes before Agnihotra time.

– Add ghee with your copper spoon if necessary to help feed the fire.


Perform Agnihotra

– A few seconds before the exact time of Agnihotra as specified on your timesheet, take the first portion of rice into the fingertips of your right hand.

– At the exact time, recite the Mantra and add the first portion of rice directly after the first “Swaha”.  Add the final portion after the second “Swaha”.

– After the Mantras have been uttered and the rice offering given, it is best not to disturb the fire, due to the interplay of subtle energies. If possible, avoid moving the pyramid until the next time you prepare for Agnihotra.

– Relax into a state of meditation and clear your mind, at least until the fire extinguishes itself.  Breath deeply as the tension slips away and the healing effects of the fire are at their peak.

Agnihotra Mantras:
Morning Agnihotra Mantra:
sooryáya swáhá, sooryáya idam na mama
prajápataye swáhá, prajápataye idam na mama


Evening Agnihotra Mantra:
agnaye swáhá, agnaye idam na mama
prajápataye swáhá, prajápataye idam na mama

Enjoy the Effects of Agnihotra!

After performing Agnihotra, meditate, or relax and try and let the thoughts clear from your mind. Breath deeply and let the tensions slip from your body and mind.

You can sit in silence at least until the fire extinguishes itself. Collect the ash (at the next Agnihotra) and keep it in a container made of earthenware, glass or wood. DO NOT keep Agnihotra ash in a container made of plastic or metals other than copper or gold. Agnihotra ash can be used as fertilizer for plants or for making folk medicines for animals and humans. In South America it is called “miracle ash”. Here you can find more information on how to make your own Agnihotra Ash Medicines.

A larger fire using more dried cowdung amplifies the healing effects and produces a greater quantity of healing ash.

How to Make Dried Cow Dung:

If you would like to make your own dried cow dung cakes for Agnihotra, first you must find a good source of grass-fed dung from healthy cows.

After collecting the fresh dung, form flat pancake-like patties and let them dry in the sun on a window screen or similar material. Store the dry dung patties for daily use.

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