Bhrugu Aranya is a blossoming International Ecovillage, the only one of its kind in Poland. Since 1995, our ecological farm has grown into an expanding community of several families with people of all ages, all of whom are dedicated to healing the environment. This is an educational centre for learning about Homa Therapy in its many applications in an experiential way. Here at Bhrugu Aranya, you can participate in Homa Organic Gardening, Self-development, healing, meditation and exploring one’s true creative potential.

The atmosphere of this place, a powerful energetic point on the planet, is infused with high vibrations from Ayurvedic  fires that are performed daily. This energy radiates to heal the Earth and all life – plants, animals and humans. Here at this special place, sunrise and sunset Agnihotra have been performed daily for 25 years. From the humble beginnings of two people (Jarek and Parvati) Bhrugu Aranya has grown into a wonderful healing oasis. In the beginning, there was only a broken down dilapidated old wood cabin and barn inside a magical and ancient looking apple orchard. There was barely a road leading up the mountain to the secluded location overlooking the valley below.

Read about how it all started: History of Bhrugu Aranya Ecovillage


At present, 11 adults and 4 children reside here. Residents range in age from 6 to 67, and are an eclectic group, with a wide range of skills including: art, healing, writing, filmmaking, music, therapy, farming, teaching and herbalism. Thanks to the healing environment, the children who have been raised here are incredibly healthy, angelic, intelligent, and connected to Nature in a way that many of their peers aren’t.

Throughout the year, we come together to garden in our beautiful concentric circle mandala garden where we grow a wide variety of vegetables. There is also a magical spiral herb garden, and an orchard with heirloom apple and plum trees. These gardens have thrived with the help of Agnihotra, without which, none of this would be possible.

Of course no farm is complete without animals, of which we have many. We have three healthy cows who graze freely on our surrounding meadows. We also have ducks, dogs, cats, fish, a hamster,and soon we will be welcoming a horse to the fold!

A key element to the microclimate of our farm are our thriving bee hives which produce delicious medicinal honey. They are incredibly important to the balance of our eco-system, by pollinating the flowers of the heirloom trees in our large orchard, the blossoming gardens as well as the surrounding meadows.

These ancient healing fires have attracted all the help that a gardener needs to bring back Mother Nature’s natural balance. In this nurturing atmosphere, the land becomes a sanctuary for all living beingslizards, frogs, birds, ladybugs, dragon flies, salamanders, grasshoppers, all flock to this oasis.

Our Ecovillage embodies nearly two decades of dedication, hard work, and a common desire to live in harmony with Nature. We have endeavored to create a microclimate where all life can thrive, held in balance through the harmonious interchange between ourselves and Mother Earth. Above all, in our hearts we are committed to the service of our fellow living beings and our beloved planet. Now more then ever, we all need to come together to plant seeds of change.