In Homa organic farming we implement the full spectrum of bio-energetic and resonance techniques to achieve spectacular results over large areas of agricultural land. Nature returns to balance and a unique microclimate is created for optimal production in harmony with the environment. Homa Farming produces super-organic food of highest nutrition and purity.

Modern agriculture with its large industrialized farms are run like factories, relying on fossil fuels, chemicals, artificial fertilizers and pesticides to produce the food that consumers today find in the supermarkets. It may seem that conventional foods cost less on the shelves, but try and fathom the long term economic impact of modern farming on our health and environment.

Huge areas of monoculture farming with the use of agrochemicals have destroyed natural habitats and wildlife. The run off of nitrates and other farm chemicals has created ‘dead zones’ in rivers, seas and contaminated the water we drink.
The pesticides when applied to crops are absorbed and when we ingest them the toxins damage our health.
The belief that this system is a success is akin to the superstitious beliefs of the dark ages. It is not based on facts but rather on a fairy tale of prosperity sold to us by those profiting from such a system.

Since the 1970’s there has been a growing awakening about the need for chemical-free, healthy food that is grown with ecological awareness. Today it is wonderful to see new organic farms springing up in direct opposition to the industrial and GMO mainstream trend.

But as the pollution worsens to catastrophic levels and nature becomes imbalanced, organic farmers are increasingly combating diseases and pest problems. Strict organic certification standards become compromised as stronger applications are accepted to treat them.

What can the organic farmer do to protect his soil from the silent enemies of acid rain and radiation that know no boundaries? How can lifeless wastelands and farms contaminated by years of agrochemical applications be rejuvenated within the shortest time?

Homa Organic Farming is the only known method that is able to do all this. It is the application of Homa Therapy and ancient Vedic techniques to agriculture. The knowledge of Homa Farming has been resuscitated as an antidote to the current farming crisis. The science of Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere and offers protection from the detrimental effects of pollution. The daily performance of the Vedic fires makes the atmosphere and soil more nutritious. These nutrients are in an available form and in a Homa atmosphere the metabolism of plants changes so that they can better absorb these nutrients. It is a super-organic method of farming/gardening.

In Homa organic farming we implement the full spectrum of bio-energetic and resonance techniques to achieve spectacular results over large areas of agricultural land. Nature returns to balance and a unique microclimate is created for optimal production in harmony with the environment. These ancient techniques of agriculture may be added to any organic farming system.

Implementing Homa farming requires a very small investment and subsequent running costs are minimal, especially when compared to the rising costs of conventional farming and the crop failures that have landed so many in terrible debts. By incorporating Homa organic techniques the farmer can expect the following returns:

  • 100% organic crops that have greater economic value.
  • Crops reach maturity sooner so can fetch a higher price on the market
  • Increase in yields.
  •  Improved growth and health of crops means lower maintenance costs and losses.  Produce has superior appearance, texture, flavour and aroma.
  •  Vegetables, fruits and cut flowers have longer shelf life.
  •  Ability to save own seeds that have very high germination rates and strong growth.
  •  Improved health and well-being of people, animals and plants.
  • Ecological balance on the farm that attracts and supports beneficial insects, earthworms, wildlife etc.
  • Continual improvement of soil.
  • Protection from pollution and radiation.
  • Freedom of dependence on artificial fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides etc.

The main difference between Homa organic farming and other organic farming techniques is that Homa farming regards the atmosphere as the most important source of nutrition, whereas in any other farming practices today the atmosphere is totally ignored. Ancient science of Homa Therapy states that more than 75% of nutrition to plants and soil comes through the atmosphere.

Resonance Point
Homa Organic Farming is an advanced farming method in that it incorporates the science of resonance to transform the negative effects of pollution and create a healthy environment for plants and animals to thrive in. A special configuration of 10 copper pyramids is installed on the farm by a Homa Therapy volunteer and this installation magnifies, maintains and accelerates the healing vibrations created by performance of sunrise/sunset Agnihotra fires.

The special pyramid configuration is known as a Resonance Point.  Using this set up the Homa farmer is able to create a nutrient rich microclimate in an area of up to 200 acres (80 hectares). The Resonance Point is capable of transforming the most contaminated and barren land into a lush oasis.

At a Resonance point, in addition to Agnihotra it, is necessary to perform Om Tryambakam Homa, which is a Vedic fire that increases the healing effects of Agnihotra. Ideally this is performed 4 hours daily and 24 hours on full and no moon days. This continuous fire is very easy to learn and the hours are usually shared between a number of people.

Homa Organic Farming Applications
In addition to the Resonance Point there are special soil, seed and plant treatments that are unique to Homa organic farming. They are inexpensive, easy to make, and 100% natural. Homa farmers have been using these Homa applications with superb results.

Agnihotra Ash
The healing vibrations of the Agnihotra fire are locked in the resultant ash and this special substance is used extensively on the farm. It is used as a soil treatment and has been found to contain trace elements and carbon. But more significantly, it increases the water solubility of phosphorus in the soil which is the only form a plant can use. The Agnihotra ash also has an important vibration effect that is beneficial to the soil, micro-organisms and plants. Agnihotra ash is used in the following ways:

  •  When planting a seed always add Agnihotra ash over the seed and soil to boost and strengthen germination.
  •   In transplanting a seedling add ash to the plant base, roots and soil where it will be transplanted. This will make the seedling stronger and ease the shock of transplanting.
  • During bed or field preparation sprinkle Agnihotra ash over the soil to improve its quality and vibration.
  •  Add Agnihotra ash to the different layers of compost. This will create super charged compost.
  • Just as Agnihotra ash is medicinal for humans and animals, it is also healing to plants. Regularly sprinkle Agnihotra Ash around any diseased plants or trees. It can be gently dug around the roots of trees.
    Add the ash to animal drinking water.
  • Add Agnihotra ash to your water source like a well or spring to improve the quality of water.
  •  When saving your seeds add Agnihotra ash for better storage and seed heath.

Agnihotra Ash Solution

Agnihotra ash Solution is a simple preparation that is made by adding 250 grams Agnihotra ash to 200 litres of clean water. Leave in the sun for 3 days and strain before using in a sprayer. Agnihotra ash solution is most often used as an aerial spray on leaves to help rejuvenation, to combat pests and disease, and to strengthen the plant. Ideally it should be applied once a week.

If you do not have enough Agnihotra ash to sprinkle over large areas then you can spray Agnihotra ash solution instead. This means that a little ash can go a long way.

Seed Treatment
Whenever possible it’s best to use organic seed. If they are non-hybrid varieties then the farmer can save his own superior Homa seeds for future planting. Having strong seed stock means stronger crops so there is greater chance of success.

Homa organic farmers can boost the strength and resilience of their seeds before planting by applying a natural fertilizing treatment that uses cow urine and fresh cow dung.

Biosol is a liquid bio-fertilizer based on Agnihotra ash, vermicompost (worm castings), fresh cow dung, and water. It is prepared under anaerobic conditions in a bio-digester. Agnihotra Ash has a significant positive effect on all the materials used in the preparation of Biosol. The diluted liquid fertilizer is used as a nourishing foliar application or can be applied directly to the soil to rebuild soil health.

Soil feedings and foliar sprays with Biosol are recommended every other week but if there are pest or disease problems then it should be applied more regularly.

These are the main applications that are particular to Homa Organic Farming. They can be used in addition to any other organic preparations the farmer is already using according to his preferred system. Absolutely no agrochemicals should be used as they harm the environment. Also no preparations that are derived from animal parts should be used as these will have a vibration that is not in resonance with Agnihotra. On certified Homa farms animals should not be reared for slaughter.

There are scientific studies that clearly demonstrate the improvements in the health, growth, quality and yield of crops using Homa Organic Farming techniques. Then there are hundreds of written testimonials by farmers worldwide testifying to the efficacy of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy on their land.
Mr. Abhay Desai was applying Homa organic farming on his plantation and his vanilla beans were certified as having the highest vanillin content in India.
Edgar Arevalo Patow, from Peru, achieved total rejuvenation of his diseased ridden farm within 6 months of installing a Resonance Point and applying Homa organic treatments.
You can read their inspirational stories and many others here.


The ancient Vedic science of agriculture now known as Homa Organic Farming is vital for our survival because it returns nature to a state of harmony. Foods grown in this super charged atmosphere are chemical free and nutritious. At Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya we welcome visitors to our Homa Farm and are happy to receive enquiries. We also accept volunteers during the summer months to help in the gardens and on the farm. It is a great opportunity to experience Homa Therapy in all its applications.