“From above this planet, all around this planet can be seen the Light emanating from these sacred fires. The effect is far-reaching. You only see the fire which you are lighting, but simultaneously many are being ignited. Raise high the intent with which you light these sacred fires. Remain present before them until every ember is extinguished. Respect the fires. It is this Holy Flame which shall unite all in the end of times. And from the sacred fire, Eternals shall be gathered to bring these once mortal beings of planet Earth home.”


On Agnihotra:

“The ancient science of pyramid power has been rejuvenated. The pyramid which you now use for the Agnihotra fire is that which receives as well as transmits energies into the atmosphere, producing a healing effect on Nature which can be measured. The pyramid is directly connected with ORION constellation.”

“This Agnihotra fire is touching the core of the Earth where healing is received and generated into atmosphere. Effects are perceivable and not perceivable. Effects can be measured by scientific experimentation, but further effects both on atmosphere and on the practitioners of these fires is none to be measured by any scientific research. It is on a Higher level that healing energies are released.”

“When you perform these fires both at sunrise and sunset, the effect is far greater than your imagination can perceive. It is seen and it is heard on other planets than this one.”

“We see this fire which you perform at sunrise and sunset as breathing life back into the Earth. It connects with the basic biorhythms of Nature and the cycle of regeneration, which has been so disturbed over the years of industrialization and exploitation.”

“Agnihotra fire nourishes the Earth—soil to plants, air to water, all of humankind, the animal and plant kingdoms. It is a subtle process, but be aware. The effects are not subtle now. They are profound. The effects have now been amplified by the seeding of the planet with the FIRES and with the intonation of MANTRA, which reaches the many spheres which extend beyond this one. Nothing is as it appears; nothing is just what meets the eye.  THIS IS SUPER SCIENCE. We honour this method of cleansing and purifying the planet. It is much more than it appears.”           

“One can see movement in leaves at the time of sunrise and sunset in the presence of Agnihotra fire. It is quite profound—the effect of the unheard sound which actually emanates from the pyramid at the time of the offering into the flame. It is the resonance of the Mantras, yes, but something more occurs. On a higher level, there is a greater subtler sound that causes the leaves of plants to quiver and all of Nature to resound with the vibration. Yes, indeed, this is beyond science. It is tapping into the very breath of Nature. It is in complete harmony with Nature. It is a reflection of Nature, and a vehicle to lift Nature into the next dimension. THIS IS SACRED SCIENCE. We bow before this Divine, blessed fire. OM TAT SAT.”

“This fire which you practice not only effects change in molecular structure in plants, in soil, it also has reverse action on man himself. That is to say, The effects of the Agnihotra fire can reverse the direction disease takes in the cells of the body. Disease can be eradicated if one ingests the ash taken from the purest of Agnihotra fires alone. If the person is present during the exact times of the fire, that is to say exactly at sunrise and at sunset, indeed the body can be cured of any disease. This has a phenomenal effect on physical illness, on the growth of healthy cells in plants. In particular, this fire will have a profound effect on mental illness, on skin diseases and on specific types of cancers.”

“This sacred fire of this ancient time encompasses all aspects in need of healing on the planet—the human being, body, mind and spirit, the atmosphere surrounding the planet, the Earth upon which you plant your feet as well as grow your crops, the air you breathe, and the water you drink. Agnihotra fire also has tremendous curative properties not measured, and not possible to measure. And it is these properties which correspond to the very shape of the soul.”

On Agnihotra Ash:

Specifically, regarding Agnihotra ash, countless miraculous healings have occurred. It is a healing substance which can be used in every aspect of our lives. It can be used to treat physical ailments in humans and animals. It can be applied in agriculture to grow pure, nutritious, Homa organic produce. Indeed, it can be used to heal all of Nature.

“The effects of this Agnihotra fire are far-reaching in scope and on the subtle levels, far more powerful than recorded. Agnihotra ash, when taken from pure fires performed exactly on time at sunrise and sunset, will retain the power indefinitely if undisturbed.”

“AGNIHOTRA ASH itself has the properties of all elements—Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. It is a balanced substance. It is neither Yin nor Yang. It has the properties of healing and of Light. One can project the healing energies of this Agnihotra ash to any area of the body which is in need of healing. One can effectively cure many diseases, even chronic cases, with this ash. However, when one participates in Agnihotra by performing Agnihotra oneself or by being physically present for the fire, one becomes a part of the healing cycle it creates and thereby benefits greater from this miraculous substance, Agnihotra ash.”

“The power of pure Agnihotra ash will now be magnified, the energies locked in the Ash activated by acceleration and by the need on this planet for this healing substance’s miraculous powers.”

“There is magic in the Agnihotra ash you use for farming and for medicines! Not abracadabra magic, but actual miraculous properties capable of restoring balance to soil, water and air. There is medicinal value contained in very small quantities of this Agnihotra ash. It has the capacity to heal ailments as well as refurbish resources. This is the substance required by Nature for survival in the 21st century.”

On Homa Farming:

“As the planet shifts, there will be changes in the soil, in land formations, in water purity and in its availability, and in the strength and nutritive properties of plants. When plants are grown in healing atmosphere such as HOMA fires produce, their properties change automatically without much added expertise. These ancient fires are not cosmic, but practical, healing, and based on extremely correct scientific knowledge. They should only be taught by those who practice them themselves.”

“We are nearing time when the resources of the planet will be so spoiled by pollutants, the foods we eat so chemically altered, that nutrients can no longer be expected to come from what we ingest and we will have no other avenue to turn toward for solution other than the ways of old. Thus, there is a returning to the land. In order to put back nutrients into soil, air, water and land resources, a new way of life is needed. A new technology, that allows for elements missing to be replaced in a completely natural way.

Sheer fortitude will not be sufficient, as land resources will be so poorly preserved over the years due to chemical fertilizers and sprays which have replaced the old ways—to revive the soil a miracle will be needed! The elements missing in soil will be replaced using ancient Homa Farming methods.”

“The effect of one Agnihotra fire is equivalent to a healing balm so powerful, the entire nervous system is relieved and tranquilized. However, it is in the true performance of an extreme act of kindness toward Nature and toward one’s own nature—inner nature, that one shall find its most healing, transforming benefits.”

“Agnihotra is what we prefer to call ‘An extreme act of Kindness toward all living beings—be they trees, animals, human beings, plants, earth, air or water. A reunification of the elements of Earth results from this practice. Harmony in atmosphere and in body, mind and soul is the ultimate goal. Agnihotra provides the catalyst for these to occur, at a greater frequency than in any other atmospheric purification process.

Increase your fires. You are the stewards of Planet Earth and the ones who will assist in her healing from the ground up.”