Mr Anand Gaikwad and his wife, Lata have 8 acres mango, lime and sapota garden near Thane in Maharashtra.
This “Krishi Bhushan” award was handed over by the Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra – Shri Prithviraj Chavan.
It is the third award a Homa farm receives from the government, after Mr. Abhay Mutalik Desai (Krishi Pandit) and Mrs. Asha Naik (ASPEE L.M. PATEL “FARMER OF THE YEAR” award).

Mr. Anand V. Gaikwad writes:
“My wife Lata and myself decided to buy the farm land sometime in the year 1993 in Dahagaon, Taluka Kalyan, District, Thane.

Lata has a Ph.D. in Pollution Biology and I have professional qualification with focus on corporate legislation and corporate governance responsibility. In the initial years up to 1998 we had to follow the agricultural practices of conventional farming (i.e. chemical farming) as we had not studied and practiced organic farming. But after 1998 we decided to go organic. Then in 2010 a Homa Resonance Point was established. Our Homa farm is now certified organic by “NOCA” under both “NPOP” and “NPO” Standards (USDA).

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“Our organic farm under Homa atmosphere at present is fully developed. Our Orchard is inter-cropped with vegetables and other produce, which are available throughout the year. All the products of the farm are of excellent quality.
Besides, it is becoming a trainings center and a place for Agro-Tourism where we will be able to show and demonstrate to the visiting guests like organic farmers, students of agricultural colleges / Universities, officers from the Agricultural Departments as well as the public in general, (who as consumers are showing their keen interest in organic farm produce), the blessings of an organic Homa farm.”