By Rory Maher

As I sit still and look out across the gardens and fields, there is so much going on! The sights, the smells, the sounds, the fragrant flowers being warmed by the early morning heat of the sun, the bees busy with their daily activity, the singing of birds, the flapping of wings, the buzzing of a multitude of insects.

Beyond the fields, a forest of lush green trees is swaying in the breeze. So much life, so much dependence on one another, and everything stands in delicate balance – layer upon layer upon layer of mutuality and interconnectedness – the sun, the seasons, the rain. The wildlife, earthworms, microbes and fungi. Life, decay, rebirth.

And in this balance stands man. What is our role in all this wondrous creation? I will share with you what I feel deep down in my being. We are stewards of this Earth. Alongside our personal journeys, we are duty bound to care for this beautiful planet.

A large portion of humanity appears to have forgotten this. Many that do sense this duty feel powerless against the systems that treat the world otherwise.  Science and logic have broken life down into components and stripped away the sacredness of creation. Technology and cities have separated many from the natural cycles of the Earth, the moon, the seasons.

Creation is perfect. And to His creative palette the Divine added a special ingredient –Love. For where there is beauty, there is Love. Where there is harmony and peace, there is Love. There is a Spirit that flows through all creation, and it is bound with Love.

We are created out of love. That same spirit that runs through creation runs through us. And yet it seems that man is ignorant of his true nature and has rebelled against Mother Nature.

On a planetary scale, it is clear to see that the world has gone mad. We are destroying it environmentally, and the reliance
on an oil-based economy perpetuates that destruction. As the media fills our minds with negative impressions, as corporate greed prioritizes short term gains, and as the destruction of our planet hangs by a thread, it is easy to feel disillusioned.

All spiritual paths teach that to change the world we must also change ourselves. How can there be peace in the world if we are not at peace within? How can we stop violence and war if we ourselves cannot practice ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself?’ However, it is also the time of action, of the peaceful warrior.

Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa were peaceful warriors. They all balanced their spiritual life with action, or service to their fellow man. They moved mountains through their faith, devotion, service and humility. Today, the need of the hour is for the spiritual ecologist.

There is one tool that has been resuscitated in our hour of need that unites the spiritual and ecological, one science that can help heal our planet and our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. This is the ancient science of Homa Therapy and Agnihotra. Thanks to Agnihotra, the spiritual ecologist today can be an environmental activist, as can a teacher, lawyer, nurse, or bus driver. Anyone from any walk of life can make a meaningful contribution to helping the environment and create an atmosphere conducive to meditation, contemplation and self-development.

How would you like to be able to neutralize the effects of pollution and radiation in the atmosphere, soil and water and to be able to grow nutritionally rich foods without the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides? How would it be if you could create an environment where all of nature is in harmony, where the vibration is one of love? Would you weave a life around a tool that unites hearts, which gives back to the earth instead of just taking?

The science of Homa Therapy comes from Ayurveda, the most ancient source of knowledge known to man. It is the science of the purification of the atmosphere via the medium of special fires tuned to the biorhythms of the Earth. The most important of these ‘Yajnya’ fires is Agnihotra, which is a small fire performed in a copper pyramid at sunrise and sunset specifically. At these special times of the day a wave of life giving electricities and energies flood the planet. Birds wait for this magical time of sunrise with joyous song. Agnihotra taps into these subtle energies to purify the atmosphere, neutralizing pollution and radiation.

Homa Therapy is the practical application of Agnihotra and additional healing fires to medicine, organic farming/gardening, ecological rejuvenation and psychotherapy.

The basic idea of Agnihotra is ‘You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you!’

Agnihotra balances the Prana in the atmosphere, the subtle substance called Chi by the Chinese, which has a calming effect on the mind and veers it towards positive thought patterns. In addition, the healing energy of the Agnihotra fire becomes locked in the resultant ash. Simple yet powerful remedies can be made at home from this ash and thousands of people around the world have experienced healing from using this ancient Ayurvedic medicine.

Homa Therapy is the ecological weapon to combat genetically modified farming. It is the instrument to heal the planet of pollution and radiation in the air, soil and water. It surrounds you in protective armour. It arms us with powerful holistic remedies that are simple to prepare at home. It brings peace to the mind and nourishes the soul with the vibration of love. Agnihotra is the tool of the Spiritual Ecologist.

The beauty of this fire is that it is so easy to perform. There are thousands of individuals performing Agnihotra on each continent, and their lives have been richly improved by it. Many people today are listening to their hearts and feel the call to join or create intentional communities. They feel the need in their souls to search for like-minded pioneers to bring in a new way of living in harmony with Nature. At Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya we have been doing just that for over twenty years.

Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya is an ecological/educational centre and Homa Organic farm. The atmosphere here is infused with high vibrations created by the healing fires that are performed daily. It is also an international community where each individual is committed to working on spiritual self-development and teaching the many applications of Homa Therapy.

We are fifteen people that include artists, musicians, gardeners, healers, herbalists, authors, film makers, therapists, designers, mothers, fathers, elders, children, as well as cows, honey bees, dogs, cats, ducks and Sonata, the horse. Between us we speak Polish, English, Spanish, German and French. But the true village size includes many people close to our hearts who are around the world living and spreading the life and knowledge of an intentional Homa lifestyle for free.

Bhrugu Aranya Ecovillage is like no other place. It has been said that it is Poland’s best-kept secret, which is a shame as we would like as many people as possible to discover it and experience its unique taste of life. Since the early days, we have welcomed guests who come to learn Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. Visitors have experienced healing by working on the land and being in the Homa atmosphere.

As a village working towards sustainability, we are embarking on fulfilling a dream we have had for some time which is rapidly gaining momentum. It is time now to build a Centre of Light, where a greater number of people can come to experience life on a Homa organic farm ecovillage, learn Agnihotra, receive healing, and where we can offer workshops in Homa gardening, Agnihotra ash remedies, traditional herbal lore, mandala art therapy, vegetarian and wild food cuisine, music therapy, yoga and much more. The octagonal centre will be built using natural and ecological materials, and will become a hub of our community where we can better offer all our services and expand the knowledge of Homa Therapy.

A major shift on all levels is occurring on our beloved planet and this shift is accelerating dramatically. These times have been foretold by many cultures across many ages. They are times of rapid change and upheaval, but also of great renewal and movement toward the Light.

Hand in hand, hearts as one, let us be the peaceful warriors and seed the atmosphere with love. We are never powerless! The Earth stewards are returning!