Alternative to smog

3 February 2019


Krakow is famous for its magical atmosphere – unfortunately, the winter atmosphere of Krakow turns into a nightmare. The city is drowning in a dense cloud of toxic smog through which even the sun does not break through. We breathe and breathe our children so poisoned by air.
The situation seems hopeless. On the smoky horizon there are no solutions to make life possible in Krakow.

Is there anything that any of us could do to improve the atmosphere in which we live?
Do we have a chance of a real impact on the quality of the air we breathe?
The answer to these questions is Agnihotra, an ancient solution to contemporary problems.

What is Agnihotra?
Already thousands of years ago, in the Vedas, methods of living in harmony with Nature have been described, including techniques for purifying the atmosphere through fire.

During sunrise and sunset, much of electricity, ethers and subtle energy emanates from the sun and floods the earth, creating the effect of a flood in a place where the sun sets east.

While Agnihotra is burning, a lot of energy accumulates around the copper pyramid. A magnetic field is created that attracts the life-giving energy of the sun and creates bioresonance, and this purifies the atmosphere of pollution and neutralizes harmful radiation.

The key elements of Agnihotra are the spoken mantras. Sanskrit is the language of pure vibration. When the mantras of sunrise and sunset are spoken, a resonance is created in the pyramid, which radiates out into the atmosphere by the fire.

Complicated? Do not give up. We’ll show you how simple it is.

We invite you to a meeting during which we will teach you how to clean the atmosphere in your home and in the place where you are staying through the fire of Agnihotra. It does not require any complicated preparations. You can always have an Agnihotra kit with you. The whole process takes about a quarter of an hour. It’s important to do it exactly at sunrise and sunset. We will show you applications that will help you determine exactly the time in your city.

The transformative influence of Agnihotra has been documented in numerous scientific studies, personal experiences and testimonies around the world. It is a healing tool that anyone can use, regardless of race, religion or religion. Research has been carried out on the beneficial effects of Agnihotra on plant life and human health, on the purification of the atmosphere as well as in the sphere of psychotherapy.

Now, more than ever, humanity needs a tool that will help clean the atmosphere, grow clean food and return to a state of balance and harmony with all living beings along with our Mother Earth. Agnihotra is a healing tool thanks to which it can be achieved.


Jarosław Bizberg is a Homa Therapy teacher in Poland and all over the world, an ecological consultant and the author of the book “Homa Farming for the New Age”. He lectures on Homa Therapy and personal development workshops based on ancient Vedic principles. Together with his wife Parvati, he founded an international ecovillage in the mountains in the south of Kraków. Jarek is also a co-founder of the Terapia Homa Foundation, a non-profit organization that has been involved in educational and ecological activities for over 20 years.

“It gives me the greatest joy to share my knowledge about healing the environment and self-sufficient life beyond the matrix”.