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Scientific Aspects of Agnihotra: Soil and Agriculture (Part 8)

By Dr. Ulrich Berk (Germany) In the last article we talked about the experiments on Homa Farming done at Palampur Agricultural University, Himachal Pradesh, Northern India. The experiments showed increased yields, better disease resistance, and better quality of the...

Scientific Aspects of Agnihotra: Agriculture – Yield (part 10)

By Dr. Ulrich Berk (Germany) In the last article we summarized four M.Sc. theses from Dharwad University, Karnataka, India, which give ample evidence that with Homa Organic Farming a healthy micro-flora and micro-fauna in soil is created, thus rejuvinating the soil....

Application of Agnihotra ash for enhancing soil fertility

Chanda Berde,  Arvind Kulkarni, Arati Potphode, Anand Gaikwad and Snehalata Gaikwad Department of Biological Sciences, Gogate Jogalekar College, Ratnagiri.The effect of addition of Agnihotra ash to farm soil was analysed. Four farm soil samples and one soil sample...

Homa Organic Soybean Study University of Dharwad

Biochemical Efficacy of Homa Organic Farming in Soybean CropThe following experiments with Agnihotra and Homa Therapy were conducted at University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka, India. Published in Karnataka J. Agric. Sci., 23 (5) : 2010 pp. 841-2A...

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